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Chocolate Brownie Goes Triple

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Goes Triple As if our double chocolate fudge brownie, drissled in white chocolate candy coating was not enough; it’s now triple chocolate! Chef Dreager decided to add one of his secret chocolates into his last brownie batch and

Pizza Bella Caters Kendrick Lamar Concert at Emory

Kendrick Lamar Drops a Beat at Emory University                     Pizza Bella catered two awesome concerts earlier this month featuring artist Kendrick Lamar at Emory University. There were over 3,000 students each night and an

Pizza Party

Let’s Have a Pizza Party! The Spring Season is a favorite to many of us. What’s not to like about great weather, being outdoors and the smell of fresh air. There are so many special events too, like Spring Break,

Pizza Bella Caters Dooley’s Week

Dooley’s Week and Taste of Emory There is nothing like springtime in Atlanta. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, dogwoods are blooming and of course, Dooley’s week is upon us. “Dooley” is a biology lab skeleton that safeguards