Italian Wheat Caputo “00” flour

caputo 00 flourWhy does our pizza taste so good? We start with our Caputo “00” imported flour from Naples Italy and our super secret dough recipe, all made from scratch every day. It’s a well known fact that foods from Europe taste better than foods in the US. Why you may ask? Perhaps because of all of the genetic engineering in our food here in the US. Or perhaps the additives and “stuff” that US food manufactures are adding to their packaged products.

The “00” designation means that the flour is cut twice. As a result, you end up with a super fine flour product that can be easily formed into dough balls. You can also taste the chewiness and crispiness in every bite. Just think about all of those little hearth baked flour molecules dancing around in your mouth!!

Then we take our farm fresh vegetables and local meats, all hand sliced and seasoned, then oven roasted until golden brown. We do this every day at Pizza Bella for you. This is how we do pizza. Come try us today! – To Good Food!!