Pizza Bella Caters Dooley’s Week

Dooley's Week Opening EventDooley’s Week and Taste of Emory

There is nothing like springtime in Atlanta. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, dogwoods are blooming and of course, Dooley’s week is upon us.

“Dooley” is a biology lab skeleton that safeguards the Spirit of Emory and also serves as Emory’s Unoficcial Mascot. Dooley represents a long tradition on campus at Emory University. Dooley’s week consists of a series of parties and concerts for students, beginning with the Taste of Emory. Local food vendors are invited to participate in the Taste of Emory and to provide samples of their food to over 3,000 students and faculty. Pizza Bella gave out over 3,200 cheese slices at the event in less than 90 minutes. Raise your hand if you got more than one slice. 😉

Pizza Bella was delighted to be selected by the Student Programming Councel to provide our award winning pizza for events thru the entire event beginning on April 1st, including a private concert by hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar and Dooley’s Ball featuring 3LAU.

-Doolius Pizzaus!!