Pizza Bella Caters Kendrick Lamar Concert at Emory

Kendrick Lamar Drops a Beat at Emory University

Pizza Bella Caters for Emory's Kendrick Lamar Concert











Pizza Bella catered two awesome concerts earlier this month featuring artist Kendrick Lamar at Emory University. There were over 3,000 students each night and an additional 1,500 guests that ate 4,800 slices of our award winning New York style cheese pizza and danced the night away listening to hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar.

pizza boxThere is a lot of preparation that goes into making food for 4,500 hungry students in our kitchen. We have to order our Caputo “00” flour and whole milk mozzarella, fold a ton of pizza boxes and make a bunch of pizza dough and our secret sauce. Our well seasoned kitchen staff, led by Chef Sean, had a great time prepping for both of the musical events that we catered for and even a better time watching students at Emory University enjoy our pizza.

We would love to cater your next event whether you are entertaining 100 to thousands of people, Pizza Bella can get’er done. For more info about our catering capabilities and selections, please contact us

To Good Food!!