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Hearth Baked

Hearth Baked

A hearth oven is a brick or stone lined oven used for cooking, which has been dated back to the 800’s. Hearths were also used as fireplaces in early times to help heat homes. In the mid 1600’s, a hearth tax of two shillings was imposed for every home in England. Can you imagine paying a tax on your oven?

Today we celebrate the modern hearth and it’s cooking benefits. Our professional stainless steel double hearth oven is one of the many ingredients of our tasty success and provides the proper heating environment required to assist our pizza chefs in creating mouth watering pizzas and sandwiches.

Unlike a conveyor belt driven pizza oven that you will find in virtually every national pizza chain, the hearth oven at Pizza Bella is time honored and has been celebrated by civilizations all over the world for thousands of years. I wonder if the pizza in the old days was as good as ours. 🙂

We welcome you to visit our local pizza shop in the Sage Hill shopping center to try our hearth baked pizza, sandwiches, wings and salads.

To Good Food!