About Us

Our Dough

Not all dough is equal. That’s why we prepare our own dough on site, inside our own restaurant with the best all natural, no gluten added flour. Why would you want anything less than all natural fresh food? All of the pizza chains, including most of the local Atlanta pizza franchises get their “high gluten, high protein” dough from the back of a truck that was made in a giant factory by robots. Why would you want to eat dough that was made by a robot? And that “high gluten” cardboard pizza your national chain is feeding you makes you feel bad.

We only use Caputo “00” flour, imported from Italy to make our pizza, sandwiches, calzones, desserts, bread sticks and cheese bread. Caputo “00” is made from Italian wheat with no added gluten or other additives; just the finest wheat and grains available in the world. That’s one of the reasons our pizza tastes so light and crispy! Oh yea, did you see our pizza award?

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